Cait & Matt // January 2018

When I met Cait & Matt we were shooting their engagement session. These two were not only obviously in love, but there were quietly so aware of each other's needs. There was not a bridge that we walked over that Matt did not extend a hand to Cait, or moment between photos when she did not lovingly reach for it.

I asked them to discuss the way they met, and as they told me I snapped this photograph.

Their story was a funny non-traditional one. It was not a "love-at-first-site" type situation, but the way they tell it, their love grew into the beautiful thing I saw at the first meeting. The story was told with lots of smiles, and even a few laughs. In the end, their story was just perfect.

When we saw each other again, it was the day of their wedding! They picked the amazingly beautiful Grand Willow Inn, in Mount Vernon WA. Tucked away in this quiet town, these two people were about to exchange their vows. I was more than excited to document their day!

The day was filled with joy, laughter and enjoying friendships new and old. They were surrounded with love as they started this new journey together. I was so honored to be able to capture that for them! Congratualtions again Cait & Matt!

~ Nicole

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