Mother's Day Mini's

Mother's Day has always been (in my mind) a day to spoil the crap outta your Mom. I'm talking about brunch, cards, massages, manicures...okay I think you get the idea. Anyhow, as I've gotten older, and I've actually become the Mother, I know that while all those things are great (believe me they can be AMAZING) the one thing Moms really want is TIME.

Quality time with their kids. Time to make memories, and to really create moments that you both will cherish forever. We want something beautiful to look back on, and remember fondly. And although Mothers Day may be filled with dirty diapers, crying toddlers or fighting kids, we look for the quiet times and take it all in.

This year I offered Mommy & Me Mini sessions, and I had the most wonderful assortment of Moms & kids attend! Their stories were all different, all age ranges, all backgrounds - but the one things they had in common was their love for their Mothers. The hugs were all genuine and loving, the quiet moments were real and deep. Even the crazy times were intentionally silly and fun!

I am so glad I was able to document this special moment in their lives. They will look back at these photos one day and remember with warmth and happiness, the day they had the chance to spend quality time with the most important woman in their lives.

Happy Mothers Day!

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