Authentic Adoration Series : The Bellingham Farmer's Market

I absolutely love what I do. I love documenting special moments in people's lives, from births to weddings and all the beautiful things in between. I truly feel grateful for the opportunity to meet new people and tell their stories, and it got me thinking....

What about the moments where we think no one is watching? When you're shopping with your husband or commuting to the city with your boyfriend? Are there tender moments when you're together on a weekend hike, or you're both sipping coffee after work?

The answer is OF COURSE THERE ARE!

To me this is where the best parts of the story are found! Sure it's easy to twirl around romantically on the beach when you're dressed up and your make-up is on point, but the times he reaches for your hand while you're in a t-shirt/jeans and your hair is in a crazy messy bun....that's AUTHENTIC ADORATION!

This project is going to explore all of moments and locations otherwise overlooked.

I hope you enjoy this series as much as I do!

This first session in the series is : The Bellingham Farmer's Market. Whether shopping for ingredients for dinner, or going full on Foodie mode, the Bellingham Farmers Market is filled with opportunities to enjoy each others company, snuggle up close and "accidentally" touch hands over the decadent pastries!

Models : Gabrielle Fisher & Ryan Pringle

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