Why Boudoir Is Important For Moms

If you're like me, you're a busy woman. You're juggling kids, marriage, errands, work, cooking, cleaning and overall trying to maintain a happy household. In other words, YOU ARE AMAZING! It takes so much time and love to make sure you're raising a happy healthy family (fur babies too), that we often forget to focus on ourselves.

It's easy to forget a time when we went by our first names only. When was the last time you remember looking at yourself and thinking, "Yup! Still got it!". For most of us it could feel like a lifetime ago! That's such a shame because even under the messy bun, sweatpants and comfy t-shirt, Girl - YOU STILL GOT IT!

I love being able to help women remember how amazingly beautiful they are, through the lens and beyond it. You're strong, you've brought life into this world. You're brave, you've challenged yourself in ways you didn't think you could. You're adventurous, you've become a incredible women in a world filled with obstacles and rough roads. YOU are beautiful inside and out!

Boudoir for me is a way to capture all that strength in a set of timeless photographs. Nothing brings me more joy than to hear how a session has changed how a woman looks at herself. You walk away feeling not only glamorous, but empowered and sexy! In 10 years, 15 even - you'll look back at these and feel grateful that you took a chance to capture this moment in your life!

So why is any of this important? Well, it's pretty straight forward. To be the best version on yourself, you have to embrace all your strengths and all your flaws. Boudoir has a very raw way of celebrating all of these things at once! From stretch marks, to soft curves - your body is unique and loving all of it will bring you confidence!

There's nothing sexier than a confident woman!

If you're considering Boudoir, let me know. I'd love to create a package personalized just for you!

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