5 Reasons Picking Your Bridesmaids Is Similar to Picking a Spouse

As women, we tend to have many details already planned for our weddings. Even before there's even a ring on it. I mean, how can you resist the glitz and instant gratification of a Pintrest wedding board? We know for sure that the husband or wife will be perfect, our gowns will be show-stopping, and the party itself will be going all night! One thing we might overlook though, is the importance of the gals by your side.

Asking your friend to be a bridesmaid is an undeniable indication that they mean a great deal to you in your life. Just as a wedding proposal is the ultimate grand gesture of love in your romantic relationship, a bridesmaid proposal similarly illustrates how much you intimately value, trust and respect your friend. After all, her opinions, ideas, and dedication will undeniably impact your special day.

Let's discuss 5 ways selecting a bridesmaid is pretty darn similar to picking your husband or wife:


Just like when your soon-to-be spouse popped the question, there are bound to be tears, hugs, and squeals of delight! Of course this all depends on how much thought and effort you put into the planning and preparation of said bridesmaid proposal. You are asking your friend to be there, by your side, and lift you up during the most important moment of your adult life! That's an honor! For a list of cool ways to ask your besties to be your girls forever check out this article by The Knot.


Just like the engagement you have with your spouse, you're planning on going into your married life with these girls for the foreseeable future. The process from engaged to married can be busy, exciting, and sometimes stressful. As a bride you may not have time for your girls as much as you did pre-engagement ring. Asking your girls to be bridesmaids means showing them that though you may be slightly preoccupied with color swatches and cake flavors now, once the honeymoon clothes have been unpacked you're still in it for the long haul with your ladies!


Typically in life, we save the most authentic versions of ourselves for the people we trust most in our inner circle. You trust your spouse to know your order at Starbucks without having to ask. In the same way, your girls want your "dream wedding pintrest board" to be your dream come true wedding day! They are going to have your back and help you navigate the bazillion choices and options thrown your way, and help you stay true to you.


You're undoubtedly looking forward to a marriage filled with adventure and spontaneity. Similarly you want to know that your bridal showers, bacherlorette party and wedding will be everything you've every hoped they'd be. Your girls are your girls because you know that when they are around, you're bound to have a great time! These are the ride-or-die chicks that are ready to celebrate with you, and know how you like to do so. If you're not the Vegas type, these girls will know how to help plan you that weekend getaway in the San Juans! At the end of the day, they are ready for more than catching the bouquet and holding down the dancefloor. Your team is ready to pour you a mimosa, check your mascara before you walk down the aisle, and hold that dress when you have to pee!


No one knows your triggers like your man, but your girls are a close second. By having a strong group of ladies by your side on your big day you're ensuring that all the chaos that may be happening outside your bridal suite isn't making it's way to you. There's a certain relief in knowing that your besties will be able to stop eager guests from bombarding you pre-wedding, or help a flower girl find her missing basket. You don't have to worry about a thing! Your only job on your wedding day is to make it down that aisle and marry the love of your life. Your bridesmaids (and of course coordinators) are there to make sure you never feel anything but excited and in the moment. Just as it's your spouse's job to protect you for the rest of your life, it's your girls job to protect your bride-dom on the special day. No picture-happy family members posting rogue photos from your "un-plugged" wedding, your girls are on it!

In the end, picking your bridesmaids is a BIG part of your day. You're surrounding yourself with the most important women in your life. The goal is not JUST to choose trustworthy women with you in mind on your big day. These should be the women you look most forward to celebrating with too, because best of all... they love you as much as you cherish them!

Now, plan some crazy cool Bridesmaid Proposals and share them with me!

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