Best Wedding Day Advice...EVER!

Now, I go into this blog fully aware that through the course of your wedding planning journey - you'll receive about a billion different pieces of advice. Some tips are really helpful (like having a wedding day emergency kit), but others are pretty generic and less than memorable. I'm about to share with the you most most important wedding advice you will ever hear. Are you ready?

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Above all else, be flexible. Enjoy the heck out of your day!

That's it! Seems pretty obvious right? But you'd be so surprised how many Brides forget this simple advice, and one thing or another happens and their day is overcome with anxiety and tears.

Okay, let's break this down a bit here though. What exactly do I mean by ,"Be flexible"? I'll give you some examples.

You're running a bit behind schedule - I'm the first to tell you that having a very detailed wedding day timeline is key. I even spend one on one time with my couples to help them create a personalized timeline that best suites their needs. Even so, something to remember is that NOTHING will start without the Bride. Nothing. You're kind of the star of the show here.

Sometimes hair/make-up can run a little long, or you find that you need more time finalizing those vows. No worries. When I'm helping you create your timeline, I add in "buffer time", which is a brief way of saying "extra time in case of overage". Most photographers follow this ideal, and will make sure to help you get back on track. No need to stress!

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People are asking you a variety of questions, and you're becoming overwhelmed - Don't let these questions mess with your wedding day ZEN. The best thing to do is to address this BEFORE your day. Designate a "wedding day spokesperson" who will be the first line of defense between you and all your aunts/vendors/friends who just have to ask you that one super important question. Even if you have a coordinator, you'll still want to assign this task to someone. It's best if this person is not in your wedding party, that way they are free to walk away and help deal with any issues that arise without affecting your schedule.

Share the name and phone number of this person with ALL your vendors and family members. Or even better have a cute sign like the one below, that you can hang outside your bridal suite so everyone knows the chain of command on your big day.

Now, if you have forgotten to do this prior, and you're getting overloaded with questions on your special day, simply take a deep breath and look around you. This is YOUR day! You are marrying the love of your life, and you will be a WIFE soon! How amazing is that!? Hold on to that excitement, that pure joy and then let one of your brides maids know that you need her to step in and handle your business. This is TOTALLY okay! Girl, you do what you need to do to be fully present and happy on your wedding day.

You really want to direct your vendors - I see this so often. As a Bride you want to make sure everything looks perfect, and part of that is making sure your vendors do their job to the best of their abilities. This is normal, and expected but you need to remember one really important thing.... you hired this amazing team because you loved what they brought to the table!

Vendors : Photography + Dessert

A part of creating your wedding day dream team is really vetting your vendors. Do not go with a vendor simply because they are the least expensive in their field. If you do, you'll find yourself questioning their abilities on your wedding day, because you're not confident in their skills. You want to go into your wedding day with complete confidence in your team. The best way to do that is to really dive deep and ask allll the questions.

You want a photo of everyone at your wedding - Family formals are one of the most time consuming portions of your day. Depending on when you have them scheduled, they can be taking place before your ceremony or right before your reception. Either time, you're excited about the next big event and Brides have often found that on the day - they wished that had streamlined their family list.

When you're sitting down coming up with your family formal list, you may think that having an individual with every family member would be amazing. In some situations it actually might be! But on your wedding day, trying to corral 30-40 family members may pose an issue and keep you from enjoying the day. It adds unneeded stress, and slows down your day. Here is a great way to avoid family formal stress and stay FLEXIBLE!

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Keep your Family Formals list to you and your partners immediate family (parents/sibs) and grandparents. This allows time for group shots, individuals and a mix of groupings! All other family members, or friends - can have their photo with you throughout the reception. Just flag one of us down and we will capture that photo with you and your family member wherever you are! Easy, quick and gets you to your ceremony or reception faster!

If you'd really like a photo of everyone in attendance, you can discuss with your photographer the option of doing a big group shot at some point during the reception. This is a great was to document all who attended, in a fun way!

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In the end, all these tips are about making your day easy, functional and stress free. You are a QUEEN and deserve to feel nothing but excitement and joy on your wedding day!

If you have any further questions, send me a message! I would love to chat with you!

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